Tara Lee Photography

Emma & Darren Wedding at Fanhams Hall, Hertfordshire – Photography by Tara Lee Photography

Emma & Darren got married at Fanhams Hall in Herfordshire.  The girls got ready at Fanhams and really enjoyed seeing everyone arriving from their room, it was lovely to catch up too as I’d shot the wedding of Adele who did Emma’s make-up and also Claire the bridesmaid – quite glad of this as the loo in the room was very exposed shall we say….  Emma”s mum got quite emotional when she first saw her which made everyone in the room well up (including me) but  Emma managed to keep it all together until the vows when a little tissue was needed.  The grouds at Fanhams are amazing so thanks to the weather for letting us make the most of it.

Hope you enjoy the slideshow:-

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